Drupal Romania Association was founded

Asociaţia Drupal România

The Romanian community of Drupal users, developers and enthusiasts, announce the creation of Drupal Romania Association. The main goal of the association is to promote Drupal CMS as an opersource system for the development of web portals and applications.

Drupal Romania Association is a non-profit and apolitical Romanian legal entity. The Association’s founding members are Diana Precup, Alexandru Badiu, Claudiu Cristea, Gabriel Dragomir and Gabriel Ungureanu.

The recently established Romanian association aims to promote Drupal, to help the Romanian Drupal community by providing support and translated documentation, to organize events (conferences, workshops, meetings, presentations, open trainings, media events). Various companies, public institutions and NGOs will be contacted as partners for the promotion of Drupal. Drupal Romania Association is a contributor as well as a participant to the global Drupal Community.

Drupal Romania Association currently organizes its first major event, the Timisoara 2010 Drupalcamp, taking place during 5th and 6th of June, 2010. The event is organized in partnership with the Technical University of Timişoara and will host hundreds of users and developers from Romania, Hungary, Ucraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and other Central and East European states, as well as speakers from the global Drupal Community.

About Drupal. It's a free software package that allows a person or a community to easily publish, manage and organize rich online content. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations use Drupal to implement various websites, including community portals, discussion groups, intranet applications, personal websites and blogs, e-Commerce applications, repositories and social networks. Drupal is opensource software distributed under GPL (GNU General Public License) and it is maintained and developed by a large community of users and developers.

About Drupal Romania Association. It's a non-profit and apolitical Romanian legal entity committed to support the development of Drupal open source project. The association supports the Romanian community by providing funding, infrastructure, supporting event organization, promoting and distributing Drupal

About Drupalcamp. It's an event aimed to leverage the sharing of knowledge about Drupal and to facilitate learning Drupal in an open environment. Drupalcamp is an intense, participant-driven event, hosting workshops and demos, and following the format of “unconferences” as opposite to official conferences (such as OSCON, DrupalCon, LinuxCon, etc.). Participants submit proposals before the event is held, and the schedule is designed based on these proposals. The overall goals of Drupalcamp are to connect local and regional communities and to allow the sharing of knowledge.