Drupalcamp 2012 will take place in Arad


The 2012 Romanian Drupalcamp will take place in the city of Arad, during 17th and 18th of November. This is the third major event of the Drupal Romania Association after its founding, back in 2010. Previous Drupalcamps were held in Timișoara (2010) and Bucharest (2011). read more »

Drupalcon London 2011. Watch right!

Between 22 and 26 of August 2011 I will attend Drupalcon London 2011. I'm returning to London after 12 years. This time I'm joining the (already) famous biannual event of a great community of enthusiasts and professionals: The Drupal Community. read more »

Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011

Drupal Romania Association currently organizes its second major event: Drupalcamp Bucharest 2011, taking place during 7th and 8th of May, 2010. The first Romanian Drupalcamp took place in Timisoara, in June 5-6, 2010.

The event is organized in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information Society and will focus mainly on:

  • Drupal & Government (OpenSource for OpenGovernment)
  • Drupal for Education (eLearning)
  • Business/Enterprise
  • Drupal for NGOs.

Also this edition will celebrate the official launch of Drupal 7, at the end of an intense development cycle that lasted nearly three years. read more »

The first romanian Drupalcamp will take place in Timisoara

Drupalcamp Timisoara 2010

Drupal Romania Association currently organizes its first major event, the Timisoara 2010 Drupalcamp, taking place during 5th and 6th of June, 2010. The event is organized in partnership with the Technical University of Timisoara and will host hundreds of users and developers from Romania, Hungary, Ucraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and other Central and East European states, as well as speakers from the global Drupal Community.

In addition to Technic University of Timisoara are supported as partners by: League of Students from the Faculty of Automatics and Computers and Software Business Incubator. A number of other organizations and companies have already announced their support for this event. We will return with details after completion of collaboration agreements.

Until the launch of the event website, follow us on Twitter at @drupalromania or search for hashtags: #drupalromania, #drupalro. read more »

Drupal Romania Association was founded

Asociaţia Drupal România

The Romanian community of Drupal users, developers and enthusiasts, announce the creation of Drupal Romania Association. The main goal of the association is to promote Drupal CMS as an opersource system for the development of web portals and applications.

Drupal Romania Association is a non-profit and apolitical Romanian legal entity. The Association’s founding members are Diana Precup, Alexandru Badiu, Claudiu Cristea, Gabriel Dragomir and Gabriel Ungureanu.

The recently established Romanian association aims to promote Drupal, to help the Romanian Drupal community by providing support and translated documentation, to organize events (conferences, workshops, meetings, presentations, open trainings, media events). Various companies, public institutions and NGOs will be contacted as partners for the promotion of Drupal. Drupal Romania Association is a contributor as well as a participant to the global Drupal Community. read more »

Romania at Drupalcamp Prague 2009

Drupal Romania at Drupalcamp 2009 Prague #dcz on TwitpicEight drupalers from Romania attended Drupalcamp Prague 2009. Alina Fleser (alinafleser), Maria Mihaela Cîmpean, Diana Precup (dianaprecup), Andreea Ungureanu, Bodor László (lacisoft), Igor Ştirbu (igor.stirbu), Gabriel Ungureanu (gabrielu) and Claudiu Cristea (claudiu.cristea).

About Drupalcamp Prague 2009: read more »